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TIVRE envisions a summit in the mobility solutions industry in the times to come. Equipped with both the know-how and the tools to transform business problems into feasible, viable and sustainable business solutions,

TIVRE forms an essential link in the business processes that yield positive returns for its customers. TIVRE started off as a radical idea, transforming a seemingly lavish commodity into a service-oriented necessity over a relatively small period of time. In its journey, TIVRE has emerged a winner as an end-to-end solutions and service provider in the business mobility arena. Surviving in a market that has seen tumultuous swings, both on the upside and the down, TIVRE has stood out from the clutter by offering consistent value for money to its clients and making their businesses agile.

TIVRE is today synonymous with reliable, responsible and responsive solutions and services in the business mobility space. Facing a logical upsurge in its own expectations of the growth factor in this space, TIVRE has been quick to consolidate its offerings and offer a comprehensive range of solutions. This bold stance has yielded rich dividends for TIVRE – primarily by increasing its domain knowledge to help achieve its goals. In a vertical that enables instant reach to a wide cross-section of society, TIVRE is poised to become a guiding beacon. In the near future, TIVRE will be seen as a path-breaking entity on all fronts – from the business back-end to the end solution. The future is here. The future is fast. The future is within reach.