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Allows retailers and publishers to integrate customizable wishlist, registry and social shopping functionalities into their sites.

Wishpot has the following benefits:

  • Rich User Experience
  • Deliver industry leading social shopping community
  • Provides useful tools for users to purchase what they like\want
  • Rich sharing support is based on what users are comfortable with
  • Branding consistency and single signonsimplify user experience
  • Is Cost Effective
  • Software as service model simplifies development and integration
  • Easy to get started and add more features as necessary
  • Designed for seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Is ready to be used fro its WebSite


  • Lists can be searched and accessed by Wishpot.comusers
  • Hot community products are highlighted on
  • Partner can control what gets exposed, if anything.
  • Great SEO on deep links products
  • Has a good ROI


  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Increase transactions
  • Increase knowledge about customers with advanced stats
  • Wishpotis now available in Italy and UK with country specific content (Experts and users, Featured products, Product catalog) with country specific culture (Look and feel, Multicurrency) and easily we can add more countries.